High-Efficiency LED Luminaires and Custom Photometrics


The Illumient Smart Off-Grid system works with any light a customer wants (either D/C or A/C power). A wide variety of King Luminaire, LED Roadway, Leotek, GE or customer-selected LED light options are also available including Cobra heads, decorative lantern or pendant lights. These LED lights emit as much light on the street as traditional HID luminaires at significantly less power and last up to 4 times longer. Customers have remote control of dimming and light schedules via the Internet using our Illumience cloud software.

King Luminaire   For more specific information about King Luminaire offerings, follow these links:

LED Roadway
Many customers choose LED Roadway luminaires, and the most popular offerings are the Satellite Series SAT-S, SAT-M. The NXT series is also available, in both AC and DC versions.

Click here for Leotek luminaries.

Click here for the GE Evolve luminaires.