The Illumient steel pole series provides a cost effective solution that is quick and easy to install, and supports batteries in the base or underground. With our buried battery solution there are no termination points in the ground, which eliminates issues from water seepage.
Illumient works with industry innovators for designs that deliver high reliability and lower cost of ownership. Customers can choose whatever light they want, and there are many options including a security camera monitoring solution if your application requires both lighting and security monitoring.

Key advantages of these poles are:
  • Well planned cable management design for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Batteries and electronics are elegantly stored within the pole base, putting the weight where it needs to be and making it easy to access, once again saving on installation and maintenance costs. When needed, batteries can also be put in a below-ground cabinet.
  • Advertising banners can also be added - find out more about this popular solution at this link.  

A few configuration examples: