COMING SOON IN 2022 - The PARCO Series

The Illumient PARCO Series will be  The Illumient PARCO Series (coming in 2022), will be a solar lighting solution that provides the reliability and uptime of Illumient with a more compact and streamlined aesthetic for parks, recreational areas or pathways. Systems are supported through EaaS, which enables managed energy control and lower costs than traditional solutions. Easy to install and maintain, PARCO is ideal for areas that require dependable lighting and a long system life without the cost or hassle of installing grid infrastructure.  


*Photo is not of PARCO systems and actual products will vary from this design.

The Illumient PARCO is targeted for release in Q2 of 2022. Stay connected with Clear Blue Technologies on socials or sign-up for the Illumient Newsletter to get all the details as the launch date approaches.

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