Illumient Project Portfolio

Illumient lighting systems are installed in 29 countries around the world. See some of our beautiful installations in this brochure.

Illumient Product Brochure - North America

Download the Illumient solar and wind powered lighting systems product brochure for North America.

Illumient Product Brochure - Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America

This brochure includes Illumient lighting options for the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Illumient Advertising Pole

Why just have a plain pole when you can have one with a decorative banner instead? Many communities are funding their solar-powered streetlights by offering local vendors the opportunity to advertise on these highly visible structures.

Illumient Smart Off-Grid

What is Smart Off-Grid? Illumience Smart Off-Grid is advanced technology that provides real-time, 24x7, remote control, monitoring and management of all wind and solar powered lighting systems from Illumient.

Illumience Cloud Control

Illuminence Cloud Control is the key to high reliability, lower maintenance costs and proactive optimization. Download the overview.

Illumience Communications

Illumient lighting systems include built-in communications to the Illumience Cloud. This data sheet describes how this works and what communications methods are supported. 

Case Study: Residential Subdivision Case Study

Read this case study about what is driving residential subdivisions to install off-grid lights. Includes a sample cost comparison with on-grid lighting.

Case Study: Park Lighting at Lily Lake

Illumient lights were installed around beautiful Lily Lake to make the trail around it usable for many more hours and extend its use throughout the year.

Case Study: City of Pickering Dog Park

Illumient lights installed at the dog park allow City residents to use the dog park in the early morning and later into the evening year round.  Motion sensors installed on the lights also provide information about park usage, and enable automatic dimming when no one is there to save energy in the batteries.

Case Study: Safety and Security with Off-Grid Lighting

Purdue Pharma Canada used Illumient off-grid lights to ensure security and safety. Read the case study.

Retrofit with Illumient

It’s unfortunate but true that many off-grid lighting installations don’t deliver the consistent, reliable lighting that was promised. The solution is an Illumient Retrofit. Read this datasheet to learn more.

Case Study: Korea Town, Toronto

In the City of Toronto there are 82 Business Improvement Areas, or BIAs. One of the initiatives driven by the Korea Town BIA in 2013 was to improve lighting in the area to make it more inviting for visitors in the evening hours. After an extensive analysis of lighting systems and cost, the City and BIA selected Illumient Smart Off-Grid solar-powered lights. Read the case study to find out more.