TCO Considerations: Knowledge Literally Means Power

In the off-grid lighting world, an entry level system includes solar and wind energy harvesting devices, a basic controller and batteries. With Illumient, you eliminate the considerable expense involved in trenching and cabling. Illumient lighting systems are fast and easy to install.

We have kept cost down by using proven solar panel technology and support arms that have built in non-obsolescence for possible future upgrades; similarly we use industry standard deep cycle batteries, proven reliable and safe.

However, the cost of ownership of these systems must consider more than just the initial installation and lighting system cost. When maintenance is required costs can spiral, especially with multi-site installations. Since there is no way of knowing what caused the fault, the owner needs to dispatch a technician who has no idea of the cause of the problem, and therefore may or may not have the correct replacement parts on the first visit.

Illumient's Smart Off-Grid controller and Illumience cloud based monitoring service result in a significant reduction in ongoing maintenance. Illumience enables any user to both monitor and control the site from any Internet browser, bringing off-grid lighting into the technology age to enable:

  • Dynamic system optimization
  • Remote problem diagnosis
  • Remote dimming
  • Time stamped events
  • Ongoing performance reporting
  • Performance verification
  • Customized alerts
  • Longer battery life
Illumience advanced technology provides intelligence that enables a new level of reliability and cost control for a lower TCO.