Clear Blue’s Illumient advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the market. Clear Blue’s Energy-as-a-Service enables the lights to be managed, controlled and pro-actively maintained over the Internet, delivering unmatched reliability, and long-lasting system performance.

The Illumient SENTI Series is an all-in-one, easy-to-install Smart Off-Grid solar streetlight designed for small lighting applications. The Illumient SENTI series introduces the world’s first rotatable turret and solar alignment technology. The rotatable turret enables the solar panel to be angled for optimal solar energy generation, while the LED module stays true to the road (0 degree Nadir angle). All Illumient lighting systems are designed to meet IES standards (Recommended Practices 8-18 or 8-21) while minimizing Backlight, Uplight, and Glare, and providing precision light distribution types.

Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting systems are proven to perform in any environment. Powered by Smart Off-Grid technology, and managed through the cloud, Illumient systems deliver the highest reliability and maximum uptime at the lowest cost. The Illumient SENTI series is a beautiful streetlight which will be the perfect addition to any park, pathway, walkway, or trail.

We are currently accepting SENTI pre-orders which will be shipping in Q2 2023.


  • True All-in-one
  • Ultra-Light Footprint

  • Rotatable Turret & Solar Panel Alignment Technology
  • Easy Installation

  • Cloud Management & Control

  • Highest Light Efficiency

  • Highest Reliability

  • Phone Charging Support

*Image is not of Senti Series solar lights and may differ from actual product.

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  undefinedWhat Makes Clear Blue's Illumient Solutions Different?

The vital component of an off-grid system is remote visibility, management and control with a team of experts to achieve maximum efficiency. The key to the success of the Illumient lighting solution is its Illumience cloud-based software delivered through Energy-as-a-Service. The visibility provided through Illumience, along with expert management, ensures:

  • Systems retain power and uptime, even through inclement weather, 
  • Management and maintenance can be performed remotely for a 70% reduction in maintenance costs,
  • Patented battery and load management functionality provide the longest system life possible.
  • EaaS expert service is included for 3 years with the purchase of every Illumient lighting solution. It combines Clear Blue's expert power management with smart forecasting to ensure the most efficient power systems available. EaaS enables organizations to move away from investing capital and time into owned assets while eliminating upfront costs and the headaches that come with having to operate and manage power systems. Customers get total peace of mind while receiving unparalleled reliability, maximum uptime and the longest system life.