Clear Blue’s Illumient advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the market. Delivered through Clear Blue’s Energy-as-a-Service enables the lights to be managed, controlled and pro-actively maintained over the Internet, delivering unmatched reliability, and long-lasting system performance.

Providing reliable lighting for sidewalks and walkways is a critical component of safety and security. Making it cost-effective, dependable and worry-free is essential. Illumient’s CAMMI line of solar lighting delivers maximum uptime with the brightest light in a cost-effective solution that’s powered by renewable energy. Remotely monitored and managed by Clear Blue’s engineers and patented technology, it is the best way to light your sidewalks and pathways for today and for the future.


  • Smaller Batteries & Longer Life
  • Higher Uptime & Reliability

  • Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs
  • Ongoing Service & Support with Every System
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lower cost
  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Expert Engineering
  • Theft Prevention Design
  • Scalable

*Image not to scale and may differ from actual product.

Product Options

Illumient Strada Solar Street Lights are versatile and can be applied to many applications with a variety of options to meet your aesthetic and application needs.

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*Image is not of CAMMI Series solar lights and may differ from actual product.

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  undefinedWhat Makes Clear Blue's Illumient Solutions Different?

The vital component of an off-grid system is remote visibility, management and control with a team of experts to achieve maximum efficiency. The key to the success of the Illumient lighting solution is its Illumience cloud-based software delivered through Energy-as-a-Service. The visibility provided through Illumience, along with expert management, ensures:

  • Systems retain power and uptime, even through inclement weather, 
  • Management and maintenance can be performed remotely for a 70% reduction in maintenance costs,
  • Patented battery and load management functionality provide the longest system life possible.
  • EaaS expert service is included for 3 years with the purchase of every Illumient lighting solution. It combines Clear Blue's expert power management with smart forecasting to ensure the most efficient power systems available. EaaS enables organizations to move away from investing capital and time into owned assets while eliminating upfront costs and the headaches that come with having to operate and manage power systems. Customers get total peace of mind while receiving unparalleled reliability, maximum uptime and the longest system life.

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