Illumient Solutions

Clear Blue’s Illumient advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the market. Delivered through Clear Blue’s Energy-as-a-Service, the lights are managed, controlled and pro-actively maintained in the cloud, delivering unmatched reliability, and long-lasting system performance.

To meet the unique demands of different climates, weather, and applications, Illumient has four product lines to provide options for customers and ensure the brightest light, highest reliability, lowest maintenance costs and total peace of mind for industrial outdoor lighting, no matter what your needs are. Take a look below for more information and visit the product pages to learn more.

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Highway & Roadway Lighting

The Illumient STRADA Series is Clear Blue’s solar or hybrid-solar lighting solution for mission critical applications like roads, bridges and highways, in any environment. Generating power through renewable sources (solar and wind) STRADA systems come with the Illumience platform and innovative Energy-as-a-Service for remote management, control and lower costs. This highly reliable street light is fully off-grid and provides the brightest light for applications that require maximum uptime and dependable lighting for safety and security.

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Residential & Roadway Lighting

The Illumient CAMMI Series are fully managed solar-powered lighting systems using lithium-ion batteries, for longer life and a cost-effective solution for smaller-scale applications like sidewalk and side street lighting. With built-in communications to the Illumience cloud software, and EaaS expert service & support, systems are monitored, managed and pro-actively maintained remotely for total peace of mind. This series is applicable for a variety of applications where non-mission critical lighting is needed, but reliability and cost are still a concern.  

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Sidewalk & Pathway Lighting

The Illumient SENTI Series is an ‘all-in-one’ fully off-grid solar lighting solution that can be installed anywhere by 1-2 people. As an Illumient solution, it is supported by Clear Blue’s innovative EaaS and Smart Off-Grid technology, it is perfect for ambient lighting applications like pathways or areas where the grid isn’t needed or available. The lowest-cost and easiest to install solution from Clear Blue, SENTI is the perfect solar lighting solution to illuminate your path.

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