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City of Pickering Dog Park

Ontario, Canada

The City of Pickering, located east of Toronto and bordering Lake Ontario, is home to almost 95,000 people. The City’s recreational facilities include a leash-free dog area at Grand Valley Park. Park users wanted to be able to bring their dogs to the park before sunrise and after sunset during the times of year with fewer daylight hours. At the time, there was no existing lighting in the park or adjacent parking lot.

To provide electric lights the City would have had to tap into Ontario Hydro’s power lines on the nearby road. With existing transformers on the poles there was little room to do so, and the City did not believe that they could have secured the necessary permission. City personnel had looked into solar lighting previously, but the Canadian climate and lack of sunshine in the winter would have required solar and wind hybrid lighting that was beyond the available budget. After a discussion with staff from Illumient about its Smart Off-Grid technology, the City found that the new technology would enable the lighting needed at an affordable cost.

Since the installation the lights have delivered the performance expected and provided City residents with the lighting service they wanted at the dog park. Motion sensors installed on the lights also provide information about park usage, and enable the automatic dimming when no one is there to save energy in the batteries.

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  • Install Year: 2014

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