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Lily Lake, Rockwood Park

New Brunswick, Canada

Rockwood Park’s Lily Lake trail brought to life by Smart Off-Grid Lighting 

Rockwood Park in St. John, New Brunswick is home to freshwater lakes which are enjoyed by many for a variety of outdoor activities.  

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

Prior to 2015, the Lily Lake trail was not lit up, and was used infrequently at night, especially during the winter months. To encourage the community to enjoy the space year-round, the city needed a lighting solution. Not only would grid lighting have been too costly to implement on the Lily Lake trail, but it would also have caused major damage to the surrounding natural environment.  


To increase the park’s usage, 26 Illumient Smart Off-Grid lights were easily installed along Lily Lake’s 1.38km trail. 10 of the lights have inverters to support auxiliary loads such as Christmas lights in the winter. Overall, the lights allow patrons to safely enjoy the park's trails at night and throughout the winter months.

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  • Install Year: 2015

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