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Route 347

Route 347 is a 14.5 mile state highway in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York. The highway travels in an east to west direction and is the connection point between the Northern State Parkway, in the town of Hauppauge, to Route 25A,  in Mount Sinai. While there are electric lights along the highway, the area it covers is near the eastern tip of Long Island, an area that has been hit by many large storms including Hurricane Sandy. A significant number of these storms have resulted in power outages of long duration. In order to ensure that lights would work during these periods, a decision was made to install solar-powered lighting along the highway and at bus shelters along the way.

In late 2016 and in 2017 Illumient Smart Off-Grid lights were installed along stretches of the highway and at seven of the bus shelters along the road.

  • Install Year: 2016

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